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Located on the second floor of JCube, tucked away in a little corner of J.Avenue, lies a tiny bit of heaven for all fusion cuisine lovers. Uniting the best of Eastern and the Western food, Noodle Bar by Tokyo Latte is a Japanese-Western fusion restaurant that specializes in customizing each and every bowl. Whether you prefer seafood over chicken or noodles over udon, they are more than happy to do it your way, and all for the affordable price of $6.50 per bowl.

Noodle Bar By Tokyo LatteEast meets West at Noodle Bar by Tokyo Latte, where you can customize every bowl of noodles! Even if noodles aren’t your thing, they offer a wide range of à la carte dishes too!

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1. Roasted Tomato Basil with Seafood Udon ($6.50)Roasted Tomato Basil with Seafood Udon -
For a true fusion experience, we recommend the Roasted Tomato Basil with Seafood Udon. Refreshing and delectable, the strong zest of the tomato soup couples beautifully with the fresh crustaceans. Served with a delightful amount of seafood, ranging from prawns to clams, this dish aims to satisfy both your pasta and udon craving.
2. Old School Chicken Noodles ($6.50)Old School Chicken Noodles -
If you are searching for something more traditional, then you simply must try the Old School Chicken Noodles. Served with tender and succulent chicken, this dish pays homage to a simpler time of good home-cooked comfort food. Finished with a rich and flavorful broth, cooked for several hours using a time-honored Japanese recipe, this modest chicken dish is not to be missed.
3. Bacon Aglio Olio ($6.50)Bacon Aglio Olio -
A dish for everyone, the Bacon Aglio Olio is ideal for those looking for something scrumptious yet not overwhelming. Prepared with a light dash of chilli, the Bacon Aglio Olio is just the right amount of spicy, making for a great contrast against the tangy bacon. The two elements of the dish meld together in harmony, for a dish that hits all the right senses.
However, if you are not in the mood for noodles, there’s no need to worry. Despite its name, Noodle Bar by Tokyo Latte has more in store for you than just noodles. From mouthwatering meats to desserts for the sweet tooth, we have you covered with these three amazing ala carte dishes.
4. Grilled Salmon with Shredded Vegetables Tempura Don ($9.50)Grilled Salmon with Shredded Vegetables Tempura Don -
In true Japanese style, this dish came steaming in an adorable bento box. The salmon is grilled just right and melts in your mouth, and complimenting this tenderness is the fragrant crispy tempura. If you favor stronger tastes, the chef has also concocted a specialty sauce, which you can drizzle on your rice for that extra flavor.
5. Chargrilled Chilled Ribeye Steak ($14.50)Chargrilled Chilled Ribeye Steak -
A plate for all you carnivores, the Chargrilled Chilled Ribeye Steak is both affordable and delicious. Splashed with a shot of brandy on the grill just before serving, this steak blends the full-bodied taste of the brandy with a robust chargrilled flavor, making for a divine experience. Served with sweet tomato and mango salsa, and a side of fries, this heavenly meat delicacy is worth the extra dough.
And don’t be mistaken – this steak was definitely not served chilled to us! What this means is that the ribeye steaks used by the chefs here are fresh and were not frozen before, and therefore tastes extra tender.
6. Homemade Japanese Sweet Wine Cherry Tiramisu ($6.50)Homemade Japanese Sweet Wine Cherry Tiramisu -
After all those heavy soups and rich meat courses, one simply has to cleanse their palette with something sweet. Noodle Bar offers up their soft and fluffy Homemade Japanese Sweet Wine Cherry Tiramisu, a unique take on the common baked treat. The sweet wine complements the chocolates and fruits impeccably, for a heavenly rush of sugar. Complete with two Pocky sticks, this dish simply looks too good to eat!
More than just plain western food, Noodle Bar by Tokyo Latte offers a unique and customizable experience at very modest pricing. Priding themselves on variety, they have something for you no matter your tastes are; be it something fresh from the sea, a savoury meat dish or fragrant noodle soup.So what are you waiting for? Take a trip down to JCube now, this is one dining experience that you should definitely check out.
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm
Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-03, Singapore 609731 (Noodle Bar By Tokyo Latte)

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