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Tired of your weekly hang out spot? Why not check out the newly opened FairPrice Finest at JCube and treat yourself to some tea time snacks or a refreshing scalp treatment? If you’re heading down to JCube this week, here are 6 shops you should explore at JCube Basement to maximise your time spent there!
1. FairPrice Finest (#B1-12)Fairprice Finest -
Having won the KüHLBARRA Gourmet Retailer of the Year at this year’s World Gourmet Summit, FairPrice Finest is committed to provide produce of the best quality everyday. Not only do they have the freshest selection, the range of gourmet products that are available in store goes far beyond what you might find in a regular supermarket.Expect to find exclusively imported produce and food items from Japan, Australia, the United States, Italy and more at affordable prices. Organic food enthusiasts will also find shopping at FairPrice Finest a breeze with aisles dedicated to sustainably-sourced, organic products.
2. CHULOP! (#B1-K02)CHULOP! -
Let CHULOP!’s crisp and fluffy handmade churros and their many delectable dips knock the socks off your afternoon and send you into dessert heaven. Their churros aren’t too sweet and they go hand in hand with their 4 regular dips (Milk Chocolate, Mexican Chocolate, White Chocolate and Spanish Caramel) as well as premium dips like Gula Melaka. Tuck into their freshly baked tarts if you want to give your sweet tooth a treat.
3. The Cake Shop (#B1-07)The Cake Shop -
With a wide array of customisable options, realising your dream cake for that special occasion is no task too difficult for The Cake Shop. Head down to their retail store to check out their model designs on display before placing an order! Apart from taking orders, their signature cake slices, beautifully-crafted cupcakes, and eye-catching cake pops are as delicious as they are visually appealing. Grab a few cake pops to fuel your grocery shopping trip!
4. KARVA Salon for Ladies (#B1-16A)KARVA Salon for Ladies -
After a grocery trip at FairPrice Finest, all you ladies could head over to KARVA Salon for Ladies to pamper yourselves. Offering hair, nails and waxing services dedicated to ladies only, KARVA Salon for Ladies’ vision is to provide privacy and luxurious pampering at affordable prices. With the variety of services available, every lady who steps into KARVA Salon for Ladies is in for a treat!
5. Snackz It! 可口味 (#B1-K10)Snackz It! 可口味 -
Craving for a taste of Taiwan but don’t have the time to fly all the way there? Satisfy your Taiwanese food cravings at Snackz It! 可口味! Presenting a creative twist to street food, sink your teeth into snacks like the signature crispy chicken, or grab some crispy curry chicken or Thai popcorn fish for a change. You can also opt for the best of both worlds with their new bento box sets.
6. Spice 101 (#B1-11)Spice 101 -
Enjoying a prata or naan breakfast just got a whole lot more comfortable with Spice 101 at JCube Basement. This new Indian cuisine eatery offers a whole selection of authentic North and South Indian cuisine including tandoori, murtabak and sandwiches for those looking for a satisfying meal after a trip to FairPrice Finest. Look out for quality and delicious dishes made from the freshest ingredients if you’re popping by Spice 101.

So if you’re considering heading down to JCube to do some grocery shopping at FairPrice Finest, don’t hesitate anymore! With so many options to choose from, why not experience something different at JCube Basement?
Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, Basement 1, Singapore 609731

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