How To Cut The Confusion At Your Hair Salon

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When you visit your hair salon, there are some buzzwords that can spell trouble for you. For example, getting a hair cut that is much shorter by a few inches than expected. If you’re having trouble with hair terms at times, here are 4 tips on what to say (or not to say) to your hairstylist to have a better experience at the salon.
1. Speak The Right Hair Language
Do you really know the actual meaning of the words that you usually use to describe the hairstyle you want? For example, layering and thinning are two different terms that will result in different hairstyles. Layering, as the name suggests, signals your hairstylist to layer your hair, thus adding volume to it. Thinning, on the other hand, indicates your hairstylist to remove some volume off your hair. Remember not to mix them up, or there might be more tresses than you’ve imagined on the floor!
Words like “short” and “shorter” have very subjective meanings when it comes to your hair. Simply telling your hairstylist to “cut a little bit” makes it difficult for him/her to decide how much to cut. Instead, be concise and use keywords like “2 inches off the top, number 2 on the sides,” and so on. Be specific on your ideal hairstyle requirements so that you can manage your desired outcome.
2. Pictures Speak A Thousand WordsChoosing a Colour -
If you’re planning to revamp your hairstyle, research is always the first step. Reference photos are extremely useful in helping your hairstylist better understand the hairstyle that you’re looking for. This is especially so when you don’t know the name of the hairstyle you’re going for. Providing a reference photo also makes it easier for your hairstylist to mix the ideal colour for your hair as your stylist will have a better idea of the exact color tone you’re looking at. He/she will most probably even be able to recommend you a more suitable colour based on your facial features or face shape!
Most salons have magazines solely for this purpose and hair colour books for you to choose your desired colour from. The hair colour books of each salon vary according to the brands of dye that each salon stocks, therefore affecting the types of colours they’ll be able to achieve. This is where the magazines and hair colour books come in play to ensure that both you and your stylist are on the same page.
3. “How Do I Look?”
Let your hairstylist know your concerns and issues such as “My fringe keeps brushing my eyes, how can I stop this from happening?” rather than asking generic questions like “Does this look alright?” This gives the stylist more freedom to suggest hairstyles that may be more suitable for you instead of just a yes or no answer. Explain your concerns to your stylist, and more often than not, they will be able to provide hair styling solutions that are catered to your needs.
4. Ask For Maintenance TipsGen Hair Products -
Usually after all the washing, treatment and blowing, you’ll look amazing the minute you step out of the salon. However, did you think of the specific products that you’ll have to purchase for your hair to look exactly like you’ve stepped out of the salon 3 months down the road? For example, do you need a specific brand of hair wax, gel or serum to achieve that out-of-salon, on-the-runway look? How about shampoo specially for coloured hair to retain the colour as long as possible? Remember to check with your stylist on the products you can use to ensure that your hair looks on point every day, so that you can safely say that you woke up like that.
Where To Get A Great Haircut
So now that you’re equipped with the right knowledge on how to bring across your hair goals to your stylist, why not drop by any of these salons if you’re shopping in the West? Here are a few salons you can visit:
1. GenGen -
At Gen, they promise to give you a complimentary scalp analysis when you enter their salon for the first time. They offer haircut, coloring and treatment services and will make sure that you leave their salon with your dream hair. They can even customise a suite of hair products just for you, so that you can care for your freshly cut tresses at home.
Address: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #03-27, Singapore 608532 (Gen)
2. Hair MovementPhoto 6
Offering a multitude of hair services like cutting, washing, setting, treatment, colouring and more, Hair Movement joined JCube in early September 2016. With a newly renovated hair salon that is spacious and stylish, be prepared to be pampered by their hair stylists when you enter their salon. If you’re looking for a quality haircut at an affordable rate, look no further than Hair Movement!
Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #B1-06, Singapore 609731 (Hair Movement)
3. Hairtitude SalonHairtitude Salon -
Bringing you the latest hair trends from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Taiwan, Hairtitude Salon will make you shine right from the moment you walk into their salon with haircuts, treatments and a slew of other services. Hairtitude’s hairstylists are trained in Japan, Hong Kong and locally and are constantly going for workshops to ensure that their skills are upgraded and that they keep in touch with the latest hair trends.
Address: IMM, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #02-33, Singapore 609601 (Hairtitude Salon)
4. Storm Hair SpaStorm Hair Spa -
A partnership between Addy Lee, Director of Monsoon Group and Celebrity Mark Lee, Storm Hair Spa aims to scale the hair and beauty industry to greater heights by providing scalp and hair treatment to their customers, on top of hair beauty services. Treatments and hair beauty services are personalised for each customer depending on the hair problems they face. The hairstylist and in-house therapist will work together to recommend you the most suitable hairstyle for you while helping you build your customised treatment process based on your preference of products and machines. Create your very own hair treatment today with Storm Hair Spa!
Address: JCube, 2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-17, Singapore 609731 (Storm Hair Spa)

With the right knowledge (and also ideal hair reference photograph), you can head down to any of these hair salons at JCube, IMM or Westgate to achieve your perfect hairdo. Who knows, you might end up being someone else’s reference for haircuts in the future!

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