Jurong Fishery Port: Singapore’s One-Stop Market For All Things Seafood

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Jurong what now? If you’ve never heard of Jurong Fishery Port, allow us to introduce you to a whole new world (cue Disney music).
Started in 1969, Jurong Fishery Port is an international port where fishing vessels from around the region dock and sell their catch. The port is opened from 12am to 6am, and is busiest in the wee, after-midnight hours of the morning from 1am to 4am, during which wholesalers and customers looking for the freshest fish throng the area. Don’t go on a Monday morning though, as that is considered their rest day and the port will be closed.Jurong Fishery Port -
Singaporeans looking for the best seafood would visit Jurong Fishery Port to purchase seafood at the lowest prices and in the freshest state possible – directly from the fishermen. However, due to its unorthodox operating hours, you might have to sacrifice sleep. This could explain why it’s the busiest on Friday nights/Saturday mornings.Jurong fishery port bargaining -
Remember to wear waterproof, non-slip shoes as the Jurong Fishery Port is a pretty rough and gritty place. Be warned that the smell of the fish may overwhelm your senses in this boisterous environment. Jurong Fishery Port would be an ideal tourist destination for tourists interested in watching how locals bargain while picking their seafood and maybe have a go at it themselves!
However, all that is set to change.
Last year, then-Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan announced plans to upgrade the fishery port. One suggestion is for Jurong Fishery Port to be cleaned up, redeveloped, and turned into an attraction of sorts, much like the famed Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo.Fishmongers -
Interested in visiting Jurong Fishery Port in its current state before redevelopment starts? You might want to head down as much as you can to get fresh seafood, before it’s set to change in the future! If you find the proposed changes to the Jurong Fishery Port appealing, check out 9 Westside developments Jurong-ers can look forward to here.
Opening Hours: 12am – 6am. Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Monday.
Address: 35 Fishery Port Rd, Singapore 619742

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