5 Movies You Might Want To Catch This August & September

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Let’s be honest, this year’s summer movie season has been pretty disappointing. It started off with a Captain-America-sized bang, but has since fizzled, with one lacklustre release after the other. But you know what they say – it ain’t over till the fat lady sings – and she hasn’t sung on this year’s movies just yet. Here are 5 movies coming out in August and September you might want to pay attention to!
1. The BFG 

Release Date: 18 August islandwide

How many of you read the works of Roald Dahl when you were younger? That’s right, raise those hands.

Coming 18 August, Disney brings one of Roald Dahl’s most beloved classics to the big screen, in a Steven Spielberg-directed film that hopefully recaptures the magic of Spielberg’s E.T. and delights the child in all of us.

Will it be good? Considering Spielberg’s recent hit-or-miss track record, we honestly don’t know. If the Berg of Spiel brings his A-game, though, you can expect a cinematic masterpiece, perfect for any sort of movie outing, be it with the family, a hot date, friends, or even alone.

2. Ben-Hur 

Release Date: 18 August islandwide
If you remember the Academy Award-winning 1959 epic Ben-Hur, kudos to you for being an old-school film buff.
Adapted from the 1880 novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, this remake tells the story of a Roman nobleman framed by his brother and cursed to a life of slavery. After years as a slave, his path to vengeance culminates in him challenging his brother to a deadly chariot race. Little did he know, however, that his life would be changed forever by a series of encounters with Jesus of Nazareth.
Personally, we’re not very excited for this film judging from the acting talent (or lack thereof) on offer here. This movie looks like it might not live up to its hype.
3. The Secret Life Of Pets 

Release Date: 1 September islandwide

Ever wondered what your pets are up to when you’re away? In this next kid-friendly animation, Illumination Entertainment, creators of Despicable Me, will explore that very premise. It’s basically Toy Story, but with pets instead of toys.

Judging from the trailer, this movie will offer bright, colorful and adorable visuals with a large helping of slapstick humor. Kids will laugh uproariously, teenagers will giggle and pretend not to, and adults will fall asleep. Just kidding, adults will probably have a few small chuckles.

If you have a young child and want to take him/her to a movie that he/she will enjoy and hopefully learn a lesson or two about friendship, acceptance and bravery, The Secret Life of Pets has got you covered.

4. War Dogs 

Release Date: 1 September islandwide

When we first laid eyes on the delightfully tongue-in-cheek, Scarface-inspired poster of War Dogs, we fell in love. When we saw the hilarious trailer for this film, we fell in love again. We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we are beyond stoked for this movie.

Based on a supposedly true story about two young arms dealers supplying weapons to American soldiers in Afghanistan, War Dogs promises to take a seemingly serious premise, and subvert it completely with clever, dark and satirical humor.

Miles Teller and Jonah Hill have both cemented their spot as A-List young actors in Hollywood. With films like Whiplash, Superbad, Moneyball, Jump Street, and The Wolf of Wall Street under their belts, these two have proven themselves in both comedic and dramatic roles. The fact that both of them are in this movie together almost guarantees it will be good.
5. The Magnificent Seven

Release Date: 22 September islandwide

Remade from the 1960 film of the same name, The Magnificent Seven is a horse-and-guns Western movie about a group of seven outlaws defending a small town from an evil industrialist seeking to destroy them.

While trailers aren’t always an accurate indication, the trailer for this film makes it look heartily entertaining, and we think this film might be just that.

While Ben-Hur lacks notable acting talent, The Magnificent Seven has it in spades. With veterans like Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, Peter Sarsgaard, Vincent D’Onofrio, and charismatic rising star Chris Pratt, this movie will at the very least be incredibly well-acted.

Plus, the director, Antoine Fuqua, has already proven himself a more than capable action director.

With so many different genres of movies coming up this August and September, grab a friend, grab a popcorn and watch out for this array of movies to hit our shore.

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