6 Must-Know Styling Tips For The Fashion Noobs

Play | May 9th, 2016 |

We all have that one friend who regularly commits unforgivable fashion faux pas. In fact, we aren’t completely innocent ourselves either! If you’ve been caught with visible bra straps, or pairing the wrong colours, these 6 styling tips are sure to keep you and your friends safe from the fashion police!
1. Layer Your NecklacesLayered Necklaces
The secret to layering necklaces is to go for the gradient effect – layering your dainty chains with chunky neckpieces. For the staggered look to come alive, consider going for a more personalised look with name letterings and birthstones as your pendants. Avoid layering heavy necklaces together as it takes the focus away from your outfit, which should be the main attraction!

2. Accessorise With Bright Colours

Colourful Accessories


Does your minimalist wardrobe of black and white give you a rough time when you’re thinking of ways to spice your outfits up? Styling your outfit with bright coloured accessories draws on their energy with minimal effort. If you’re planning to layer your accessories, be sure to keep the colours on the same spectrum. Making sure that the structure of your accessories do not clash with your outfit’s patterns is also a definite must!
3. Belt It – For A More Polished LookBelt Up
We avoid wearing belts because they’re either not cool enough or there just isn’t one to go along with what we’re wearing. But did you know that the belt trend is now back in action with even bolder styles? Many have started pairing waist-hugging belts with shift dresses, pantsuits and even onesies.
Casual Friday Look
Alternatively, if you’re going for a casual Friday look, you can pair your high waisted jeans with a thin belt. The best thing about belts is that it gives your waist a lot more definition to it. So if you’re looking for a slimmer waistline, belting up is the way to go.
4. Play Around With Textures And LayersLayer Up
Layer up by starting with a basic tee shirt or button-down shirt as your foundation, and work your way up to a textured outerwear. Start off with a thin basic as you would probably want to avoid being bundled up in thick and heavy clothing throughout the day. Play around with textures and patterns as your choice of outerwear to give the finishing look more oomph!
5. When In Doubt, Wear Nude PumpsGirl in Nude Pumps
Owning a pair of nude pumps is a must. It’s possibly the only pair of heels that will always do your outfit justice whenever you’re in doubt. Be it going all casual on a jeans-day or donning a flowy skirt for an evening date, your nude pumps will never do you wrong! With its versatility and classy vibes, this wardrobe essential will keep you looking dainty and chic at the same time.
6. Mix Your PrintsMixing Prints
What was once considered a big fashion ‘no-no’ is now back and trending among fashionistas – mixing your prints. The golden rule to achieving a perfect match is to keep your prints within the same family. Your mixes need not be of the same colour but choosing a common palette will make the blending of shades easier. Have your prints look like an organised mess to create the visual of fluidity.Mixing Prints
Examples of mixing prints
If you’re looking for basics, accessories and belts without burning a hole in your wallet, J.Avenue could be the place to go! These wardrobe essentials can also be found at The Editor’s Market at Westgate or Charles & Keith Outlet at IMM. So to all you fashionistas out there, head down to these stores to grab those stylish pieces off the rack to ensure that you’ll never commit an unforgivable fashion faus pax again.

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