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One of the great cliches in storytelling is the makeover. The main character gets dumped, sharp-looking guy mentors him, bam, life changed. Does it actually work? Well no one knows for sure but even a small change to one’s wardrobe can bring about a renewed sense of energy and confidence to a person. If ‘re find your man staring at the mirror with a forlorn look while combing his hair… it’s probably time for a change.

The Hair
1. The Hair

Some men freak out when a single strand of their perfectly coiffed hair is out of place. There’s a good reason for that. The hairdo is a very expressive element of one’s style and after all, it’s pretty much the only thing on a person’s head that can be changed easily without the need for invasive surgery.

If your man has just been going to the barber or hairstylist for the same haircut over and over again, perhaps it’s time to try something new. He should simply tell them the style he wants and whether it’s a classic cut like the pompadour or a more modern style, the barber/stylist will be able to offer their opinion on whether the desired style complements his face or head shape. Barbers can also offer tips on whether their facial hair is working, so if you don’t like your guy’s poorly done school boy goatee… you know what to do.

The Fit
2. The Fit

There really isn’t a reason why anyone should be seen in a baggy outfit… unless of course, you’re dressing up as an up and coming hip-hop artist. It can’t be too tight as well because that would be trying way too hard. We’re obviously not advocating for anyone to dress as if every outfit is the equivalent of spandex.

However, it is important to take note of the clothes’ fit, even for casual wear. The shoulders in particular, should be of the utmost concern to you or your guy, especially if he has to wear a ton of formal clothes in your line of work. Why is this so? Well, should you decide to make alterations to your shirt/suit jacket/blazer, the shoulders are often the hardest (and naturally, the most expensive) part to change. Remember this for the shoulders, cuffs, hips and legs: The fit should be snug, holding just right without being suffocating or liberating.

The Shoes
3. The Shoes

“It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes.” – Hardy Amies

That quote might be a little overstated but that doesn’t make it not true. It’s certainly possible to get a steal and look good in them but hey, it sure doesn’t hurt to invest in a reliable pair of shoes. A good pair to have or start off with would be a pair of wingtips. Formal enough to work in a full suit ensemble yet still casual enough to blend into a simpler blazer/jeans combo, the wingtip is an essential and versatile piece on any guy’s shoe rack. Another recent popular option is the work boot. Whether he’s a truck driver or a social media “strategist”, the boot will instantly tack on some extra ruggedness to his man’s overall appeal.

The Watch
4. The Watch

The classic male accessory, watches give the finishing touch of symmetry when paired with the right dress code, and says a lot about his character and his taste. There are many options to consider when buying a new watch. As with most things in life, it really depends on one’s lifestyle. Getting a whole bunch of digital chronometers or rubberised run trackers wouldn’t make much sense if he spends most of his time in an office and would also make for a major fashion faux pas in most formal places. Instead, go for a plain white or black faced watch with a leather strap, which should go well with just about anything. He can even match the strap to the colour of his shoes if he needs a more uniform look. That sleek image will definitely bring him through a long way in the business industry. Once he’s more comfortable with watches, experiment with more unique face shapes, such as rectangular ones or even swap up his straps to go along with his outfit.

The Shades
5. The Shades

Watches are the go-to accessory of choice for many. They can also be pretty expensive. Shades, on the other hand, are a pretty good alternative and can really put the finishing touch on a nice outfit. And come on, they’re really kind of necessary in super sunny Singapore. Two classic choices from Ray-Ban come to mind: The Aviators and Wayfarers. The Aviators can instantly lend a more rugged type of cool, while the colourful chic Wayfarers are able to easily add a playful touch to casual everyday outfits. These classically American shades can instantly give a dude just the right amount of attitude.

The Sweat
6. The Sweat

Keeping fit and staying healthy is definitely more of an emphasis these days for the average guy. Workout gear always has to be functional but it doesn’t hurt to be pleasing on the eye as well! Whether it’s rocking brightly coloured trainers or choosing between a tank top (and letting the guns hang out) or a super tight compression top, there are plenty of choices to show off one’s style while he works up a sweat.

The Works
7. The Works

For the fashionably challenged guy, a style icon usually helps. It could be anyone, from Brad Pitt to the best friend who always seems to be popular with the ladies. It’s a good starting point for him to aspire to, after which he can then grow and fashion out his own style. Encouragement also goes a long way in many things but even more so for a guy attempting to broaden his fashion choices. Let him take his baby steps, keep his confidence high and with enough time, he might just be able to take the big plunge and pull off some more daring things. Why not take the first step and bring him along for a shopping spree to get him started?

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