Hair And Nail Trends That K-Pop Celebrities Love, And We Bet You Will Too

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By now, we all know that the Korean Wave is no fad – it has taken the world by storm and it is here to stay. Everything from food to fashion, the Korean Wave’s influence can be felt everywhere and we are loving it. Today, we will be letting you in on a few South Korean beauty trends that you need to know about!
Korean Hot vs Cold Perm
Perms are making a major comeback, so trust us when we say you need to know the difference between a hot perm and cold perm.Korean Cold Perm -
The traditional perm, also known as the ‘cold perm’, creates curls with just lotions and perm rods, requiring no heat for your new hairstyle to take effect. The curls tend to be tighter and closer to the roots.
The hot perm, on the other hand, needs heat for the curls to set and take shape, with curlers in your hair connected to a computer system. The hot perm creates bigger and looser curls, but can’t be too near the scalp due to the heat.
The two perms are quite similar, but we would definitely go for a hot perm instead (because we’re the low-maintenance type). Cold perms require you to apply gels and creams regularly to keep your curls, while hot perms only need the occasional touch of hairspray.Korean Hot Perm -
Of course, that low maintenance comes with a cost, as a hot perm ($129.90) is usually more expensive than a traditional perm ($69.90).
South Korean Nail Art Trends
The South Koreans love their nails more than they love their K-dramas, so it’s not surprising that their nail art is so breathtaking. Straight out of Seoul, here are three simply to-die-for nail trends we can’t get enough of!
1. Shattered Glass NailsShattered Glass Nails -


Made to mimic the look of broken glass, the aptly named shattered nail trend has been taking over Instagram. The look is achieved by intricately arranging tiny pieces of cellophane on the nail to catch light at just the right angles, for that balance between flashy and classy.

2. Shadow NailsShadow Nails -
Straight off the runways of South Korea, the shadow nail trend has been catching the attention of fashionistas around the world. Shadow nails involves nail art and stickers being on the cuticle itself, creating the illusion of longer nails without the impracticality of actual long nails.
3. Bracelet NailsBracelet Nail Art -
The bracelet nail trend is probably our favourite style of the three (so much so that we actually had our nails done at). Inspired by friendship bracelets, bracelet nails are subtle and made to showcase your delicate side, the trend is perfect if you prefer something understated.
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