HANDS MESSE – Tokyu Hands’ Biggest Sale Of The Year!

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If you haven’t heard, Tokyu Hands is Tokyo’s largest household goods store and we are extremely fortunate to have them land in Singapore. Here at Westgate, they offer all kinds of products, such as quality and functional Japanese housewares, fancy Made in Japan bags, topical beauty products, DIY materials, and many more.
Packed with Japanese knick-knacks for the home, it’s a one-stop shop in the truest sense! And our favourite part is, there are just so many quirky items that are uniquely Japanese, so each visit to the store is always full of delightful surprises.HANDS MESSE -
Here’s a great piece of news – Tokyu Hands is having storewide discounts from 12 – 25 September 2016, slashing prices for many items – from pans, to shampoo and even pillows! Here at, we have taken the liberty to dig out some of the best deals that you can snag at the sale event!
Below $10
1. Mellsavon Body SoapMellsavon Body Soap -
Wash your body gently with natural ingredients from Mellsavon Body Soap. It is made in Japan and leaves you smelling as fresh as the herbs used in it. It costs just $5.90, slashed from the usual price of $14! Get them before it runs out!
2. Iron Skillet
Iron Skillet -
Another item you can grab at the annual sale this year is an Iron Skillet going for as low as $7.90 (13cm)!
Iron skillets are great for cooking food beautifully as you can create restaurant-quality, homemade potato sticks, French Toast, hash browns, and pancakes complete with crispy exteriors or a golden brown look that a non-stick pan cannot replicate. Time to bring out the master chef in you!
Below $30
1. Propolinse Sakura MouthwashPropolinse Sakura Mouthwash -
We have heard many times that we should not only floss and brush our teeth, but also use mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene. Propolinse Sakura Mouthwash contains tea extract which absorbs and solidify particles in your mouth so as to remove it while rinsing to prevent bad breath. You can get yours at only $18.40 today!
2. Nobi-ru Stretch BandNobi-ru Stretch Band -
If you are looking for a low cost alternative to gyms that will keep you in shape from your home or even when you’re on the go, we have the answer for you here: Nobi-ru Stretch Bands.
These must-have and easily-accessible exercise bands can help you build muscle and increase flexibility at just $22 and it will not cause a dent in your pocket.
Below $70
1. Rainy Shower HeadRainy Shower Head -
We may not love the rain, but we definitely enjoy showers that feels like the rain. Equipped with 239 extremely small 0.3mm spray head holes, be rest assured that you will be able to experience a pleasant, ultra-fine water jet every time you shower! Down from $76, this shower head is now $59.90 and is not one to be missed!
2. Anello BackpackAnello Backpack -
We are fairly certain that you would have seen someone carrying this bag almost on a daily basis – it is extremely popular amongst youths and working adults alike. The large, yet compact, backpack enables one to stash all your barang-barang at once. This versatile bag is perfect for work, play and travel! What’s best is that the synthetic leather version is now on sale at $60.30, down from an original price of $67!
If backpacks are not your thing, you can also opt for the Anello 2-way Boston Bag.Anello Backpack -
It comes with a detachable shoulder belt and is directly imported from Japan! Going at $62.10, from a regular retail price of $69.
We enjoy shopping at Tokyu Hands for its versatility and wide range of products. Tokyu Hands massive sale is a definite must-go these 2 weeks. Do not miss out on these great deals and items that you can get for your home and family members! We will see you there!
Address: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Level 2 Atrium, Singapore 608532 (Tokyu HANDS MESSE)
Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, #01-36/37, Singapore 608532 (Tokyu Hands)

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