The Traveller’s Guide To Exploring The Singapore Discovery Centre

Tourist | Apr 12th, 2016 |

The Singapore Discovery Centre showcases ground-breaking technology and has become home to several exhibits and attractions that will leave you in awe. If you are looking for some “edutaining” family fun during your trip to our sunny island, this is the place for you. Check out what we recommend to be its must-see attractions and highlights!
1. 2D/3D Movies With A Gigantic Movie Screen And State-Of-The-Art Sound SystemPhoto 1
If you can’t wait to catch the latest blockbusters such as Kung Fu Panda 3 and The Finest Hours, we have just the thing for you, and in 3D! The Singapore Discovery Centre is screening these awesome films in the comfort of a 344-seater world-class theatre, the largest flat-screen TV in Singapore and with excellent sound quality.
Ranging from $4 to $9 (which is cheaper than most local cinemas), you can enjoy this optimal auditory and visual experience which is nothing short of movie magic! Click here to get the schedule of their show times.
2. Pedal Boat In The Discovery LakeDiscovery Lake
Grab a buddy and start working those muscles as you explore the Discovery Lake at a leisurely pace in your very own paddle boat! These rides are available at the highly affordable price of $2/15mins on weekends and public holidays. If you are looking for something different you can do on a Saturday, this is bound to give you a splashing good time!
3. 4D Simulator Ride
The 4D Simulator Ride offers an awesome, all-surround sensory experience that truly brings everything on the silver screen to life! Priced at $10 per ride, you can expect the ultimate treat for all of your senses as the ride literally rocks your world.
4. Crisis Simulation TheatreCrisis Simulation Theatre
You never know when disaster could strike so it always helps when you are mentally prepared. The Crisis Simulation Theatre takes you through a realistic story arc as you follow the footsteps of a little girl during a bombing at Raffles Place MRT station. This 2-part video reminds us about the importance of vigilance and kinship as we witness the reunion between the little girl and her family.
5. Groove To The Beat At The Digital Dance StudioThe Digital Dance Studio
This blue-screen interactive teaches you the dance moves that represent each racial group within the Singaporean community! Simply follow the steps of the virtual dance instructor, get on your feet and move to the beat, don’t worry about embarrassing yourself. Grab a few friends and let loose!
The Singapore Discovery Centre is a place full of wondrous possibilities just waiting to be discovered. A place every Singaporean citizen has visited at least once in their lives, I’m sure you’d find a truly Singaporean experience for you and your family. So what are you waiting for? Head on down to the Singapore Discovery Centre and I’m sure you’d find that you’re in for a treat!
Address: 510 Upper Jurong Road, Singapore 638365 (Singapore Discovery Centre)

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